Loanzify And LeadMailbox Modernize Lead Management for Mortgage Companies

loanzify and leadmailbox integration

Santa Ana, Sept 16, 2021 – Loanzify by LenderHomepage announced today a new partnership with LeadMailbox designed to help mortgage companies streamline and enhance their lead management process. The new integration addresses the problematic disconnect modern lenders face when utilizing mortgage CRM and POS software from different providers. 

Implementation of cloud-based POS and CRM software increased dramatically in the past five years and is a cornerstone of digital transformation. The top benefits of digital transformation include a 45% revenue growth (Deloitte, 2020), a 20-30% increase in customer satisfaction (McKinsley, 2019), and improved operational efficiency (PTC). However, there remains the challenge of seamless integration between the aggregator’s POS and CRM as data between the two does not always populate accurately, thus, requiring manual data entry.

The automated transaction between Loanzify POS and LeadMailbox CRM addresses this major issue by eliminating the time-consuming, error-prone, and redundant manual data entry, thereby allowing the mortgage companies to take full advantage of the platforms’ and originator’s revenue-generating potential. This deep integration improves customer experience and retention, automated lead nurturing, increases lead quality and revenue, accelerates the loan lifecycle, and improves data accuracy.

Since 2003, LenderHomePage has been a market leader in innovative mortgage technology development. They are the designer of highly acclaimed mortgage software products, including Loanzify POS and Loanzify Mortgage Mobile App, enabling mortgage companies of all sizes to create better operations efficiencies and deliver an omnichannel experience for their consumers.

LeadMailbox is a cloud-based CRM lead management system that organizes, distributes, and analyzes mortgage leads for improved lead qualification and lead nurturing. The intelligent solution enables mortgage companies to modernize their sales processes with features such as Insta-Call, customizable lead distribution, lead scoring, and metrics.

“Customization and integrations are purpose-built in all of our software products,” states Rocky Foroutan, CEO of LenderHomePage. “With technology and industry demands constantly evolving, having a robust and agile platform is key in remaining competitive and unlocking new revenue opportunities. We’re thrilled to partner with LeadMailbox as part of our shared goal to provide a more digitally advanced and intuitive digital mortgage experience for all.”

About LeadMailbox:

LeadMailbox is a complete CRM and lead management platform. Utilized by thousands nationwide, LeadMailBox dramatically improves conversions through lead aggregation, SMS and telephony solutions, email campaigns, and custom reporting.

About LenderHomePage:

Since 2003, is the leading provider of a secure and compliant cloud-based digital mortgage platform that powers lender websites, mobile apps, and mortgage POS solutions. Mortgage lenders of all sizes use’s customizable and scalable solutions to enhance borrower experience, streamline the mortgage process, and increase Loan Officer productivity and efficiency.

About Loanzify:

Loanzify POS by LenderHomePage is part of a suite of innovative productivity solutions developed for the modern mortgage professional.


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