Loanzify + Consumer Connect: Best of Both Worlds

loanzify pos and consumer connect encompass best of both worlds

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital mortgage and loan origination, Encompass has definitely emerged as an undisputed leader in LOS systems, capturing a significant market share with midsize to large banks as well as independent mortgage lenders. 

But while Encompass excelled in dominating the Loan Origination System, the need to elevate the borrower experience grew more urgently – especially in the consumer-facing front end of origination. It’s only through a synchronized collaboration in the front- and back-end of digital origination that produces highest rates of completed applications and client loyalty.

So, despite Encompass’ dominance in the loan origination space, the realm of borrower experience has been largely left to be enhanced by third-party applications and vendors.

This is where Loanzify POS steps in as the ultimate solution.

Loanzify POS is a simple but powerful tool in the digital mortgage landscape. This game-changing POS platform redefines the front-end borrower experience to drive increased completed applications, reduce turnaround time, and strengthen borrower-originator relationships —all while working in tandem with Encompass’s Consumer Connect.

This ultimate partnership creates an integrated and comprehensive borrower journey that minimizes friction and maximizes efficiency.

Consumer Connect Integration

Its direct integration with Encompass’s Consumer Connect is a standout feature that sets Loanzify POS apart. While Loanzify POS excels in application intake, document management, and lead nurturing through engagement and branding, Consumer Connect takes the reins and handles conditions, electronic signatures, and e-closings. 

As the only POS solution with a mobile app that seamlessly integrates with Consumer Connect, Loanzify leverages the strengths of both platforms to optimize the borrower experience, providing a cohesive and comprehensive solution that addresses the entire spectrum of the borrower’s journey.

Elevate the Front-End Origination with Loanzify POS

At the core of Loanzify’s power is delivering a streamlined, consumer-facing experience. 

  • Application – Loanzify POS provides a consumer-friendly, fully configurable, brandable interface that automates tasks, enhances borrower connections, and increases application completion.
  • Needs List – Loanzify POS simplifies doc management for all. The customizable Needs List guides borrowers as they upload docs to a secure, centralized hub where originators can quickly review and organize loan files.
  • Milestone Tracker -Helps borrowers navigate the lending process stress-free while providing originators file management insight. Customized timelines and automated alerts expedite completion rates, saving time and resources.
  • On-Demand Pre-Approval Letters – Easily customize, brand, and preset max pre-approval amounts, empowering borrowers and their agents to generate their Pre-Approval Letter on-demand. Set, forget, and watch pre-approvals flood in.
  • Communication and Collaboration – Loanzify POS streamlines borrower communication through email, SMS, push notifications, templated emails, autoresponders, and in-app messaging while stakeholders collab with customizable checklists, shared notes, and group chats –all organized by loan file.

Loanzify Mobile: Native Mobile App Integration

Loanzify goes a step further by offering a native mobile app, recognizing the omnipresent role of smartphones in modern communication. This integration ensures that borrowers can engage with the mortgage application process conveniently and efficiently, even while on the go! 

  • Mortgage Calculators – Spur action with interactive mortgage calculators. Our user-friendly tool swiftly delivers accurate results, helping borrowers transition from curiosity to application decision. Calculate various loan scenarios, monthly payments, local property tax, APR, and more.
  • Loan Status Updates – Effortlessly stay connected with borrowers and realtor partners through customizable push notifications via email/SMS. Update loan status, send reminders, and track documentation seamlessly using the milestone tracking bar in the loan portal.
  • Co-Brand with Referral Partners – Forge lasting referral relationships with Loanzify POS, the interactive tool that engages homebuyers and boosts touchpoints throughout their journey.

Digital innovation has reshaped the mortgage industry, and the unique collaboration between Encompass and Loanzify demonstrates a commitment to excellence and the potential in loan origination and borrower experience. 

By offering a streamlined, user-friendly interface, a native mobile app, and integration with Consumer Connect, Loanzify empowers mortgage brokers to boost application pull-through rates, increase borrower satisfaction, and drive success in the digital mortgage landscape.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your approach and elevate your borrower satisfaction.

Ready to witness the future of borrower experience in mortgage origination? Request a demo of Loanzify today and discover firsthand how our seamless integration with Encompass can drive completed applications and help stay ahead of the competition.


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